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Networking Systems Software Engineer

Purpose: Develop network software for deployment in large-scale distributed

Raveon Technologies is an expanding organization, focused on the wireless industrial and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication markets.

Raveon is growing its engineering team to support the expansion of a contract to build the nation’s first nationwide data network tailor-made for M2M communication.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Server Software Development. Design, develop and debug software to drive large scale wireless networks and interconnection of cellularized data networks. Create reliable, long-running communication platforms and interfaces. Develop distributed algorithms for intelligent routing of customer data while maintaining integrity and secure compartmentalization of data.
  2. Protocol Design Support. Suggest improvements to custom networking protocols and low-layer designs. Create simulations and test implementations of protocol designs and implement final protocol design in portable libraries.
  3. OS Configuration and Embedded System Design. Create software that will run on purpose-built hardware. Design installation procedures and OS images to support continuous software operation and error recovery without operator intervention.
  4. Transfer to Operations. Ensure software can be operated and debugged by multiple levels of users. Create software with reliable logging capabilities, command-line interfaces, web GUIs and developer APIs. Train operations personnel on software operation.
  5. System Design. Suggest the use of Raveon products in larger systems. Detail how specific existing or adjacent possible designs can be used in innovative ways.
  6. Ongoing Design Support. Continue engagement with all Raveon designs through improvements based on field testing and customer feedback.


C++, C, Linux, TCP/IP System Design, Operating System Theory, Distributed System Design, Network Security

Beneficial Skills
Embedded C, Wireless Network Design, Communication Theory, Digital Electronics


If this opportunity is of interest to you, please send an introduction and your resume to our dedicated recruitment e-mail.

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