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Lost Password

M7 series products with firmware version C0 or higher have the ability to password protect the user interface. If it is password protected, the radio will output a “password:” prompt when entering the command mode.
When in the command mode, to enable the use of a password enter:
Password xxxx
Where xxxx is the 2-7 digit password you would like to protect the user interface with.
To disable password protection, enter:
Password 0 (zero not oh)
Note: If the user-interface is password protected, and the Config button on the M7 is pressed, for security reasons, the encryption phrase is automatically erased.

To Reset the Password:

If you forget what the password is, you will have to reset the password. To do this:

  1. Remove the back plate off of the M7 radio.
  2. With the power on, momentarily press the Config button
  3. You will get an OK prompt back from the radio, and it will be in the command mode.
  4. Enter Password 0 to erase the password, and disable the password feature.
  5. To store a new password, issue a Password xxxx command where xxxx is the new 2-7 digit password.

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