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DD1494 Data Radios

The DD1494 form is submitted in stages that coincide with the phases of the DoD acquisition process.

RF performance and RF spectrum information are put into the DD form 1494 so the government can allocate frequencies for a radio.

Raveon’s Data Radio modems are used on many different frequencies that were setup using DD1494 forms. Raveon will work with you to make and submit the form, and we can create the Form for you and get it to you.

J-12: The J-12 process is created to handle and protect the proprietary data. Proprietary data will not be abstracted, or entered into reports, or into data bases. The JF-12 process usually takes six to twenty-four months to complete.

JF-12 are processes for Coordination of Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum with Host Nations

The J-12 Certification Process:
The purpose ofJ-12 certification is to ensure that the operational frequency band and type of service are in conformance with respective national and international tables of spectrum allocation; that the equipment conforms to applicable statutes, regulations, directives, standards, and specifications; and that the equipment can operate in its intended environment without causing harmful interference to other equipment operating in the same environment. Common services for radios are: microwave, radar, radio, satellite, wireless, …
The entire JF-12 process usually requires between six to twenty-four months to complete.

DD Form 1494

The main goal of the DoD’s spectrum management program is to develop and efficiently manage the DoD’s use of spectrum during the frequency allocation. Achieving the goals minimizes the potential for interference during the fielding and utilizing of spectrum dependent equipment and is critical due to significant increases in the use of the available electromagnetic spectrum due to technological advancements and spectrum being reallocated away from military use, or being opened to sharing with commercial use.

DoD acquisition policy states that the funds for the acquisition, research, development, production, purchase, lease, or use of weapon systems, information management systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems, or other systems that require use of the electromagnetic spectrum will not be released by the obligating authority until an application for frequency allocation has been approved.

In the Federal level, the Defense Department and the NTIA are actively involved in DD1494 certification process also known as J-12 process.
Here is an overview of the Phases in the process.

For DOD use, complete a DD1494 form and use the J-12 or JF-12 spectrum-certification process.

The procedures the DoD developed for establishing host­-nation agreements for spectrum is the JF-12 process.

Definitions of Terms in DD1494 forms and documents

Army Interference Resolution Program (AIRP)
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s E l e c t r o n i c s Services Office (CESO)
Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB)
Cost and Operational Equipment Analysis (COEA)
Department of the Army (DA)
Defense Communications System (DCS)
Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management (DCSIM)
Director of Information Management (DOIM)
Government Master File (GMF)
Office of the Secretary of the Army (OSA)
Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR)
Joint Spectrum Center (JSC)
Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC)
Major Subordinate Command (MSC)
US Army Signal Operation Instructions (SOI)
Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (SPS)
Test and Integration Working Groups (TIWGs)
T r a i n i n g a n d D o c t r i n e Command (TRADOC)
United States Army, Pacific (USARPAC)
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition (ASA (RD&A))

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