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D61/D64 Software Release Notes (M7 Series)

New Features:

  • (D61) Added the TRIGEVENT setting which sets whether a trigger causes a latched event. TRIGBITS must be 1 for the GPIO for the event to occur (GX radios only)
  • (D61) A 1 setting in TRIGBITS and a 0 in TRIGEVENT now causes the bit to latch it’s value until transmission, but not to generate an event (GX radios only)
  • (D64) Added ATRQ to WMX operation
  • (D64) Changed the state of the CD line in command mode when using CD Data Framing

Upgrade Notes:

Verify the following settings are at their desired value after performing an upgrade:

  • TRIGEVENT (GX radios only)
  • TRIGBITS (GX radios only)

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