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D58 Software Release Notes (M7 Series)

D58 introduces Data Framing, a new flow control option for all M7 series data radios. See the tech blog post for information on how to reduce system power using this new feature.

New Features:

  • The M7 radio modem now supports Data Framing using the CD line. The commands ATS120 and ATS121 may be used to set the frame pre-data and post-data times. Setting ATS120 to 255 will disable this feature
  • It is now possible to configure the RTS line to operate inverted to normal operation. ATCI 1 can be used to enable this feature

Upgrade Notes:

Verify the following settings are at their desired value after performing an upgrade:

  • ATCI
  • ATS120
  • ATS121

Edit: The command for RTS inversion is ATCI, not ATHI.

Filed under: Release Notes | Posted on October 25th, 2012 by chris sonnenberg


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