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Fast Long Range Radio

This is information about a communication time test with an oscilloscope to measure and show how fast our long-range LoRa technology works. Below is a picture of the data communication time. The Green pulses were inbound 16 bytes of data on a UART into Radio #1 at 38400bps. The Yellow pulses are the outbound 16 […]

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Verifying Radio Communications and Path Signal Strength – PING a Radio

Whenever 2 or more data radios are installed to communicate wirelessly, a vital design point is to establish that the radios are in communication with one another.  Another design point to verify is that the effective radio signal path is sufficiently robust to provide reliable and consistent communications.  Both of these objectives can be realized […]

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Testing M7 Data Radio Modem

This article describes how to do a functional test of the Raveon M7 data radio modem.  The M7 is a UHF or VHF radio modem, and using Raveon’s free RadioManger software M7 data radio modems can be quickly tested/validated ensuring they are communicating well. The tests described in this article will be useful for: Capturing the […]

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