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Custom OEM Wireless Data Solutions

Raveon Technologies excels at designing and manufacturing communication products which solve very unique communication needs. From semi-custom products based upon our existing technology, to fully custom designs, Raveon can deliver a wireless solution at an off-the-shelf price. If you need an embedded wireless modem, or a complete custom wireless data product, talk to Raveon about […]

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Smart Grid Wireless Solutions

  Raveon’s data radio products are well-suited for wireless meter reading, wireless SCADA and power grid management. VHF and UHF radio frequencies over very long range communication ability, and with the fastest transmit / receive turn around time in its class, hundreds of thousands of meters may be polled or report-in every day on a single […]

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RSSI and Communication Range

Radio Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) All Raveon data radio modems have a built in RSSI indicator to help determine the signal strength of a received radio modem signal.  Raveon GPS tracking products also include location (latitude/Longitude) with the RSSI information which makes RF propagation analysis very simple. RSSI is usually expressed in dBm which is decibels […]

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Improving Streaming Mode Communication Range

For most applications, Raveon suggests operating the M7 VHF/UHF data radio modems in the “Packet Mode”.  In packet Mode, the radios verify the data is error-free using a 16-bit CRC.  They can be over-the-air Pinged.  The packets IDs and can be repeated.   But, in certain circumstances, such as when low-latency is required between transmit data […]

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Optimize over-the-air bandwidth usage with WMX modem status

Raveon’s WMX protocol is the preferred way to communicate over-the-air in advanced or tightly-integrated configurations. As of version D4 of the protocol, it is now possible to closely monitor message queuing, transmission and acknowledgement. This allows bandwidth usage to be optimized for the communication application. Bit 5 in the WMX control field indicates whether the […]

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Mine Radio Underground Communications: Leaky Feeder Radio System

A leaky feeder is an underground communications system used in underground mining and other tunnel environments. It consists of a coaxial cable run along tunnels which emits and receives radio waves, functioning as an extended antenna. The cable is “leaky” in that it has gaps or slots in its outer conductor to allow the radio […]

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Smart Battery Workshop

Smart battery design starts with knowing the details of the system that is using the battery power. A battery does not make a system battery-powered. For operational lifetimes measured in days, weeks or years, power must be a design consideration from the ground up. Companies such as Raveon Technologies in Carlsbad, CA that produce mission […]

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