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Using RF Modem ID Codes

Raveon has products with various radio identification ID features.  Each radio has an ID, and is assigned and ID to talk to.  This Application Note AN240 describes how ID processing works and describes all the ID features Raveon’s radios have that use the IDs such as broadcasting and repeating.  Addressing Basics One of the more […]

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Low Latency Streaming

Overview Low-Latency Streaming provides a continuous data feed from one modem to another, with less than 8 millisecond delay between the data entering one M7 and leaving the other. This mode is ideal for control of UAVs and other robotics as it provides a real-time response to control commands. The M7’s low-latency streaming mode can […]

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Identifying Digital Input States in a $PRAVE message

The $PRAVE message has the status of each input as represented by a single digit hexadecimal number in field 12. For example, the the $PRAVE message below, the last 3 represents the digital inputs from transponder 0001. $PRAVE,0001,0001,3308.9051,-11713.1164,195348,1,10,168,31,13.3,3,-83,0,0,,*66 In this example field 12 has value 3.  The field 12 value is the hexadecimal binary representation […]

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