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Low Latency Streaming

Overview Low-Latency Streaming provides a continuous data feed from one modem to another, with less than 8 millisecond delay between the data entering one M7 and leaving the other. This mode is ideal for control of UAVs and other robotics as it provides a real-time response to control commands. The M7’s low-latency streaming mode can […]

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Identifying Digital Input States in a $PRAVE message

The $PRAVE message has the status of each input as represented by a single digit hexadecimal number in field 12. For example, the the $PRAVE message below, the last 3 represents the digital inputs from transponder 0001. $PRAVE,0001,0001,3308.9051,-11713.1164,195348,1,10,168,31,13.3,3,-83,0,0,,*66 In this example field 12 has value 3.  The field 12 value is the hexadecimal binary representation […]

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