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Simplify System Design with Automatic Message Delineation

TDMA systems are often used to send consistently timed, periodic data. In these situations, system designers face the challenge of adjusting the rate data is sent to the modem to match the TDMA parameters. With Automatic Message Delineation, this constraint is removed. Instead, the modem is allowed to detect message boundaries and send only the […]

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Mine Radio Underground Communications: Leaky Feeder Radio System

A leaky feeder is an underground communications system used in underground mining and other tunnel environments. It consists of a coaxial cable run along tunnels which emits and receives radio waves, functioning as an extended antenna. The cable is “leaky” in that it has gaps or slots in its outer conductor to allow the radio […]

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Serial Data Framing to Reduce System Power Consumption

Ouput Data Framing is used when it is necessary for the device connected to the M7 data radio modem to wake from sleep or enter an appropriate mode to receive data.  Using a serial port handshake line, an M7 data radio can signal a listening device to wake up before outputting data, allowing the terminal […]

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What is ‘Weatherproof’?

So, what does it mean when something is ‘weatherproof’? The term weatherproof is often used for IP65 rated cases like the one used for most of Raveon’s data radios.  The IP codes in their specific position indicate protection against dust (5) and protection from low water pressure (6).  IEC standard 60529 defines the IP rating […]

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GPS Position Accuracy

The accuracy of a position determined by using a GPS receiver is limited by the accuracy of the GPS signal itself.  The US government controls the precision of the GPS signals sent from the GPS satellite constellation.   It varies from day to day, and the following graph shows historically, how precise the GPS position information […]

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