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6.25 kHz FM Information

6.25kHz channels were split from 12.5 kHz channels by the FCC. Raveon’s RV-M6 data radio modem can operate on 6.25kHz, 12.5kHz, or 25kHz wide channels. Now the FCC licenses 6.25 kHz channels on “offset” frequencies within the previous 12.5 kHz channel 6.25 kHz channels are “dropped in” between existing 12.5 kHz radio channels. They allow […]

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FCC Chairman Hosts Second Chairman’s Awards for Advancement in Accessibility

Author:  Rebecca Lockhart Outreach Specialist, Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division Technology continues to advance rapidly in today’s fast paced world.  Smart phones and tablets are being sold in numbers that increase exponentially each year, and innovation is thriving at the same speed.  What is particularly exciting is the advancement of communications technologies that enhance the […]

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