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C22 Software Release Note (M7 Series)

 New features and fixes

  • MIMIC mode has now been added
  • The ATDG command has been removed
  • The sleep modes have been updated. ATSM 2 will turn TX and RX off.  ATSM 4 is for TX only
  • ATR3 is now saved without the save command. Previous version required the save command to save R3
  • Accelerometer calibration can now be read using the STAT 6 command
  • The accuracy of angle computations has been improved for individual axes
  • The ATVx command can now be used to set text or numeric responses.
  • Added the ATCS x command to automatically go on-line after an ATDT command.
  • ATSR can now be used to set the status/keep alive message rate
  • Status/keep-alive messages can now be output in the PRAVA format
  • ATBD and ATBE commands may now use an index or the actual baud rate to set the baud rates
  • Added listen address functionality. ATLA can be used to set the listen address. A setting of 0 disables listen addresses.

Upgrade warnings

  • Set ATLA to 0 when upgrading to C22 from an earlier version
  • Set AT$H to 0 when upgrading to C22 from an earlier version

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