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C12 Software Release Note (M7 Series)

New features and fixes

  • The  “/” key can now be used to repeat the previous command.
  • Added login capability with password protection.
    • If the password is set, login is required.
    • The PASSWORD command will set the password and PASSWORD 0 will disable it.
  • Added an extended speed field to the standard GPS position report. Speeds > 255km/h are now supported and will add one byte over-the-air
  • Modified behavior of the REPEAT 1 command.  After using it, everything will be repeated, and entries 2-4 in the table are erased
  • WMX message output now contains an RSSI field
  • A CRC is now always required over-the-air. This change is transparent to users but increases reliability
  • TDMA slots now have a 10mS resolution
  • GPS 5 (-LX) now defaults to $PRAVE instead of WPL
  • Carrier detect level can now be set with the ATCD command. The default is -113dBm.
  • The ATRA command has been removed
  • TRIGBITS now latch- e.g. if set for high, they will always be transmitted high once
  • If TXRATE=0 and IDLERATE=0, then unit will now not report at all
  • GGA and RMC position messages can now be selected via OUTPUT 11 and 12 commands.
  • The default serial rate is now 9600 baud
  • AT&F saves all commands now. Previously an ATSV command was required
  • All UTC times ($PRAVE, etc) are now always 6 digits, with leading zeros.
  • VTG output messages are now turned on in GPS mode 13
  • VTG and GLL messages can now be turned out with OUTPUT 14

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