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Pro2 Master Module Communications

Pro2 Master Module Communications

The Pr02 Master Module is a flexible SCADA device for controlling valves and remote devices. It works great with with the long-range data radio modem that Raveon supplies to people who use this product. Raveon does not provide it, but it works with our wireless radio modems in remote areas. The Pro2 is designed to control lights, pumps, irrigation valves, beepers, door locks, and many other electrically controlled devices. The 8 output signals switch DC voltage and are reliably protected against Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) and lightning surges.

The controller interface uses Ethernet or RS232 interfaces, so the Pro2 is often used with Raveon’s long-range data radio modems. The advantages of using wireless data radio modems to communicate to the Pro2 are:

  1. Long Range communications. Using Raveon’s wireless modems, you can control Pro2 so over 100s of square miles.
  2. Multiple connections. Raveon radios have 16 bit IDs, so 65000 Pro2 can be communicated to in unique and secure ways.
  3. Secure communications. Raveon’s wireless modems utilize secure AES encryption, so it is secure and reliable to communicate with. If only wires were used, the system would easily be able to be hacked.
  4. Low Cost. Installing and running wires across hundreds of meters is expensive, where wireless connections need very little labor to install. And wireless connections can be moved around every easily unlike wired connections.

What are the features of a Pro2?

  • ON – OFF control of valves, lights, and other devices. No need to run back to a PC to turn a zone on (or off).
  • Each output has a LED to indicate if it is running or idle.
  • All valve wires and connections are protected against lighting surges.
  • RS232 and network connections protected against ESD and lighting.
  • The 8 outputs are protected against overloading by a self-resetting electronic fuse.

Using Data Radio Modems to communicate with SCADA devices like this Pro2 or a Rain8net:

Raveon’s RV-M21 series of data radio modems have RS232 serial interfaces that work with the PC controller and all of the remote controllers in the field.

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