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Raveon’s Data Radio Modems are high-speed FCC certified data radios designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data, remote control applications and Low Latency Streaming. Its many competitive features make it an ideal choice for most data radio systems.

Touch Free Radios

Touch Free radios interact with long-range data making it easy to touch free and send free data over the air and comfortably touch it in a remote area. Free yourself from Concerns over RF contamination.

The Tech Series M21 M22 Data Radio Modem

The Tech Series modems are high performance, rugged, modular data radio modems available for use on any of the UHF, VHF, 220MHz, or 916MHz bands.

The Tech Series Radio modem enclosure has a myriad of IO options. This radio can interface to your system using RS-232, RS-422, RS485, USB, GPIO, or FIO interfaces.

With its field-configurable I/O interface, the Tech Series can be configured for RS-232, RS-422, RS485, USB, GPIO, FIO or Analog interfaces in house or in the field as needed.

If you need a radio to switch power, output digital signals, read voltages, or turn on relays, use the GPIO version that utilizes MODBUS commands to manage the General Purpose IO pins.   This SCADA and Telemetry Communications web page describes all our SCADA and Telemetry features.

The M7 Data Radio Modem

Raveon’s M7 high-speed UHF data radio transceiver increases data throughput in narrow-band wireless systems. Included in each unit, are advanced networking, error data radio for telemetrycorrection, and diagnostics.

It may be ordered with an IP65 weatherproof enclosure. And because it is the only radio modem built using rugged “single-board” construction, it is extremely rugged – and cost effective. With prices starting below $500 the M7 is the most powerful, most economical data radio available.

The Optional internal GPS ( GX option) enables the M7 to transmit its position, data, and status (voltage, speed, heading, temperature, I/O bits..) at preset intervals using either conventional carrier-sense methods or with efficient TDMA channel access. A GPS tracking system built with M7 transceivers, can track up to 20 radios with one-second updates or 200 with 10-second updated. The M7 is the fastest most efficient UHF AVL radio available. For more details on its tracking and TDMA abilities see our GPS Solutions Site. For a 220MHz radio modem, click here.


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M7 General Features

    • Outstanding Range. 5-50 miles typical.
    • Programmable RF power  1/2 to 5 watts RF output.
    • Very Small size (5.0 X 3.76W X 0.95H).
    • Very Low Power (1/2-5 watts)
    • Each modem is store-and-forward repeater capable.
    • Internal 12-Channel GPS available. Programmable update rate.
    • 19200 bps in 25kHz, 9600 bps in a 12.5kHz channel.
    • RS-232 standard or optional RS-422/485.
    • Sophisticated built-in diagnostics and remote diagnostics. Monitored: VSWR, DCV, Current, and temperature
    • Integrated radio and modem
    • Easy to use, yet fully programmable (see protocol details here).
    • Real-time streaming data or Packet based operations – user configurable.
    • Standard Carrier-sense channel access or TDMA, user selectable.
    • 32 bit CPU with base-band Digital Signal Processing for exceptional sensitivity
    • Low-power modes for extended operation off of batteries or solar power.
    • Programmable serial port baud rates, and flow-control.
    • Automatic error correction. Over-Air CRC ensures no noise output.
    • Built-in automatic status monitoring of modem performance and DC input voltage.
    • Compatible with MODBUS and DNP-3.
    • LLS program-ability (Low Latency Streaming)


      • RF Power Output ………………………… 500mW – 5.0 W programmable
      • Maximum Duty Cycle ………………….. 100% @ 2W to 40C, 25% @5W (100% w/ optional heatsink


      • RX sensitivity (.1% BER) ……………… 9600bps < -108dBm
        4800bps < -116dB
        1200 & 2400baud ……………………….. Contact Factory

Serial Interface

      • IO Voltage Levels RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 (user selectable)

For more Technical Information about the RV-M7 data radio modem see RV-M7 Data Radio Modem Technical Overview

RV-M7-U(datasheet) UHF narrow-band high-power data radio modem, 1/2-5 watts, RS232 I/O. FCC approved for parts 22 and 90.

Options and Accessories for the RV-M7 Data Radio modem.

Part Number Description
RT-CB-H1 DataRadio DC power cable DC Power Cord. Note: Each RV-7 comes standard with one power cord included with each unit.
RV-M7-DIN dataradio DIN clip DIN rail mounting clips.
RT-M7-HS M7 heatsink Heatsink Option for M7 series of data radios. With this option, the M7 will operate at up to 100% duty cycle with an ambient temperature of 45C. With air circulating on the heatsink fins, the M7 may be operated at 100% duty cycle up to 50C.
RT-CB-A1 dataradio power cable DC power cable for M7 series radios with automotive lighter adaptor on one end. 3 amps maximum current capability. 6′ long.
RV-SP-1 6A366-1 Surge Protector In-Line DC Surge Protector. The RV-SP-1 is designed to be plugged in-line with the DC input
to electrical devices that may be subject to over-voltage (> 16V) events, large transient voltage spikes, electrical noise, or RF
noise. It filters the DC and protects the connected device from
over-voltage and transient events.


Other Accessories

Part Number Description
DB9M-TB DB-9 male field termination module. Converts DB-9 to screw-down terminations.
DIN rail mounting clips.
PS-60 Power Supply, AC input.

12V, 5A, UL&CE,  with connector for M7 modem

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