Drone Tracking

drone2Raveons Drone Tracking Solutions

With the explosive evolution of drones being used in many fields from short range same day delivery to aerial video recording, Raveons new Daisy radio is perfect for tracking your drones location. Drones cost thousands of dollars and if they go down when out of sight, you can end up spending even more replacing them.

Raveons Daisy radios are perfect for keeping track of your drones anywhere they might go. Our Daisy radio comes with built in GPS technology, and data radio transmissions, so you could even control your drone from miles away, and know where it is all the while. Weighing less than your average smart phone, and also smaller, the Daisy radio can be mounted almost anywhere on any drone without affecting its flight capabilities in the slightest.

No matter the size of operations you are running, or the number of drones you are controlling, Raveon has the solution for you. We specialize in equipping large scale operations with hundreds and thousands of radios to all work simultaneously without interference from one another.

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