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RF propagation: What is Radio Propagation

RF propagation is how Radio Communication covers long range. Here is a brief overview describing the range of wireless data communication coverage for various wireless technologies. Raveon’s Data Radio Modems are long-range FCC certified data radios designed for telemetry, SCADA,…

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TechSeries VHF Secure Data Radio

Raveons VHF models of the M8 have range capabilities of up to 50 miles, 80 kilometers, has amazing signal strength, and especially stands out in places such as forests. [tabby title=”General Features”] Small enclosure contains both a VHF radio transceiver and modem…

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All Raveon radios come with a certain level of security in the data transmissions to stop most eavesdroppers. And even though in most cases this is more than enough, in our Tech Series M21, we give you the option for…

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