Construction Site Employee Tracking

Construction site employee tracking is becoming very popular with many construction companies in the United States. Not only does GPS technology allow construction company owners and managers the ability to know the specific location of its employees, but it also allows them to track construction site workers on a regular basis and enforce designated work zones.

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The LoRa Protocol

LoRa is short for “Long Range”. LoRa modulation scheme is a modulation technique combined with a data encoding technique that gives a broad-band spread-spectrum radio the receive sensitivity of a very narrow-band long range radio. Many people are not looking into what is LoRa, and this document describes LoRa and the advantages the LoRa technology has brought to the communication world.

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Using GPS to set up Geo-Fencing Zones and Perimeters

Geofencing has proven to be an effective solution for increasing employee accountability and productivity. Through the use of GPS tracking systems, business owners now have the ability to set up GPS geo-fence zones and perimeters for its mobile employees to adhere to while in route.

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TDMA Time Slots (Multiplexing Time Division)

Raveon’s M7-GX AVL transceiver uses a Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol to transmit position, status, and data over the air. TDMA protocols greatly increase the available channel bandwidth but they require more system planning than conventional carrier-sense methods.

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