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DIN Rail Mounting Chip

DIN rail mounting clips. Two clips included. These clips are secured to the the bottom of the product. When secured to the product, it will will clip onto a standard DIN rail.
TermBlockMale9.  Use for the M7, M21, M22 data radios, or the RAZN SCADA device.




The field termination terminal block is very useful for interfacing the M7 radio modem with the RS-485 and RS-422 devices. Customer ordering the RS422/485 option should also order this field termination block because it makes installation very easy.



AC-DC power supply for M7 series of data radios.


Output Voltage………………………..12V DC
Input Voltage………………………….100-240 VAC 50-60Hz
Maximum DC Current Out……………5A
DC Connector………………………….1J165-3 type for connection to M7


DC power cord for M7 series data radio modems. Each M7 radio is shipped with one, RT-CB-H1.



Heatsink Option for M7 series of data radios. With this option, the M7 will operate at up to 100% duty cycle with an ambient temperature of 45C. With air circulating on the heatsink fins, the M7 may be operated at 100% duty cycle up to 50C.


In-Line DC Surge Protector. The RV-SP-x is designed to be plugged in-line with the DC input to electrical devices that may be subject to over-voltage (> 16V) events, large transient voltage spikes, electrical noise, or RF noise. It filters the DC and protects the connected device from over-voltage and transient events.


USB Option for M7 series of data radios. USB option replaces the standard DB9 RS232 serial connector with a USB 2.0 MINI-B connector and internal a USB-Serial bridge. All features and functions of the M7 remain available via the USB connection.
Picture of M7 with USB option installed.
M7-USB Option Technical Information.

Rasberry pie hat

RG-K5 Raspberry Pi Hat

The RG-K5 is an interface board to connect a Raveon RV-V50 or RV-Z50 radio modem to a Raspberry pi processor board. The hat also provides many features such as EEPROM memory, Arduino CPU, watchdog, and a 3-axis accelerometer.


Data Radio Modem Connector Accessories

4C859  (USB serial cable adapter)

This is a USB serial cable FTDI -USB-RS232-WE to connect a PC using USB to a modem with RS232 serial port interface.



AC Power Adaptors

PS-60-M21          AC Power Adapter for use with the M21 or M22 with standard power connector.

PS-60-PT            AC Power Supply with cable and a connector for Atlas PT, 12V, 5A



RK-E02                  Adapter, BNC-M to FME-M

RK-E1                   Adapter, SMA Male to BNC Male

RK-E01-1                Right Angle M/F DB9 Adapter

RK-E2                   Pluggable terminal block, 6 Position for GPIO

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Evaluation Kits

RV-M6-EKIT              M6 Evaluation Kit, M22 Shell, DB9, RS232, PWR Cable

RV-M8-EKIT           M8 Evaluation Kit, M21 Shell, DB9, RS232

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