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Tech Series Modems

Tech 21 whole caseThe Tech Series data radio modems are high performance, long-range, rugged, modular data radio modems available for use on any of the UHF, VHF, 220MHz, or 916MHz bands. With its field-configurable I/O interface, the Tech Series can be configured for RS-232, RS-422, RS485, USB, GPIO, FIO or Analog interfaces in house or in the field as needed.

They are over-the-air compatible with Raveon’s 5-watt RV-M7 data radios. The over-the-air protocol has many data radio features to make your system reliable and versatile.  These radios are Easy To Use, and have 100+ features in them such as 16-bit ID codes, AES data encryption, store-forward repeating, and many others. There is a myriad of IO options on the Tech Series enclosure.

Independent and Flexible Technology

Create your own independent radio network that has no data transfer costs. Free Wave form RF radios and license-free narrow band systems.

Use Tech Series modems in your  independent network as a backup solution for your mobile, fiber optic or satellite network. Save costs with your own networks, the myriad of IO options, and SCADA features built into these Tech series radio modems.

Two different mechanical Version of the Tech Series Data Radio Modems:

RV-M21    The enclosure similar in size to the RV-M7 data radio. And all are compatible with the M7 and can run up to 5 watts RF output.

RV-M22   The miniature, lower-cost, version with small RF modem inside. ISM spread spectrum version, and 2-watt VHF and UHF versions. More Info RV-M22

A Myriad of Input / Output Options

The Tech Series comes with many different front interface options. Any of the following interface boards can be easily and quickly switched in or out of any Tech Series radio at any time:

  • RS-232  Serial Port
  • RS-422  Serial Port
  • RS-485  Serial Port
  • USB  Serial Port
  • GPIO  General Purpose IO and UART Serial
  • Analog Radio inputs and outputs.
  • FIO  Flexible digital IO pins and digital UART.  To learn more about FIO, click here. 

The mode inside this Tech Series enclosure detects the type of front panel. Any time the panel is changed, it automatically configures itself to use it.   Order from Raveon the type of Tech Series enclosure you would like.

To learn more about the Tech Series product lines other capabilities click here:   RV-M22 Data Sheet (pdf)   RV-M21 Data Sheet  (pdf)

Embedded Wireless Modem

Raveon’s OEM smart radios such as the M8, M6, Daisy or Z50 radio modem can be used as a Tech Series modem, giving any Raveon modem all the smart benefits and features available. Tech Series modems can communicate with Raveon’s M7 series modems. For more info on the uses of the and M8 OEM radio module, click here.  Its advanced data processing architecture allows high data throughput on narrow band channels (12.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 6.25 kHz channels). The Tech Series incorporates a wide range of high performance radio modules which meet the requirements of domestic and international regulatory agencies.

Key Features

The Tech Series have many features and functions, making them great for all systems.

  • Selectable operating modes for transparent, packet data operation, GPS tracking, SCADA, and TDMA.
  • High speed narrow-band channels
  • Addressed communications for devices not directly addressable, broadcasing, and group messaging.
  • Store-and-forward data repeating for wide area coverage. Repeaters can be configured to repeat all or groups.
  • A myriad of data ports and IO options.
  • Supports data activation (three wire) and RTS/CTS handshake protocols
  • WMX protocol may be enabled for more flexible serial data communications.
  • Powerful network diagnostics for non-intrusive monitoring of all radio and data network functions
  • Bit error rate (BER) monitoring of all communications. Output data is error free.
  • Data can be encrypted for security.
  • All radios have ID codes for easily managing communications
  • RF output power level can be configured as needed.
  • Programmable carrier detect threshold.
  • Simple to use. Send data in on, and it will come out another.
  • PC configurable. Free Radio Manager software to manage the settings, or just go into the command mode and setup the unit.
  • The GPS option is for GPS tracking, and has optimized TDMA to quickly track thousands of things without an RF interference.
  • The GPS tracks location, speed, heading, altitude, voltage, status, vibration, and temperature.

Rugged Power Connector

The Tech Series incorporate a new power connector that works more efficiently and is more rugged than ever before. Designed to take all the abuse any radio of ours may have to endure, the new M8 type power connector, is built to stay connected through the most harsh conditions. DC input is specified in the data sheets of the modems within the Tech Series enclosure. Most work using 10-28V DC input voltage.

Many RF Band Options

Different bands are for many different countries or Government Organizations.

UA    400-434 MHz
UB    430-450 MHz
UC    450-480 MHz  (Conventional UHF commercial radio band)
UD    470-512 MHz
UJ     380-400 MHz
VA     132-155 MHz
VB     150-175 MHz  (Conventional VHF radio band)
VC     216-222 MHz   (Positive Train Control)
EC     902-928 MHz  (ISM Band)
ED    863-870 MHz
EF     779-787 MHz

The variety of band options is available because may countries and many government agencies utilize many different frequency bands. If for some reason, you need a radio in a different band, feel free to contact Raveon sales and request a custom band.

This product was designed by Raveon here in California.
It is also built here in California.

Radios within the Tech Series Enclosures

RV-M21  utilize the RV-M8 radio modules.

RV-M22  utilize the RV-M6 radio modules,  or  M50 – Daisy Radio

The M22 and M21 Tech Series Radio Modems Technical Manual.  click here: RV-M21_andM22_TechManual   (PDF)

The 5W RF board used in VHF and UHF version of the M21 Tech Series is the RV-M8 module. The RV-M8S_TechManual pDF.

The 2W RF board used in VHF and UHF version of the M22 Tech Series is the miniature RV-M6 module. The  RV-M6 data sheet.  Click here for RV-M6_TechManual .

ISM Band License Free radio mode  RV-M50 is used in the RV-M22 Tech Series enclosure.  There are many License Free Versions with this Tech Series Enclosure.

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