GPS Speed Alert

GPS speed alertA GPS speed alert can be a useful tool for employers in all types of industries. Although most individuals are aware that GPS technologies can be used to determine a target’s location and position, they are unaware that this same technology can be used for speed monitoring and remote speed tracking. Like others features of GPS systems, a GPS speed alert can be programmed by owners and managers by using a GPS system and GPS software. Once a specified speed has been determined and programmed by owners and managers, the speed monitoring and remote speed tracking process can occur.

There are a variety of products and systems on the market that provide owners and managers with GPS speed alerts when requested. However, one product that has proven to be extremely successful in delivering accurate GPS speed alerts, speed monitoring, and remote speed tracking is the RavTrack AVL system by Raveon Technologies. The Rav Track AVL system consists of two separate components: GPS transponders and GPS software. Once these components are installed, the owner and managers will be able to program the transponders through the software to issue a GPS speed alert when designated employees go over a specific speed. The RavTrack AVL system will also be able to participate the in speed monitoring and remote speed tracking process by measuring and monitoring a vehicle’s speed in real-time.

Unlike its competitors, the GPS speed alert of the RavTrack AVL system uses UHF/VHF radio frequencies to operate. This provides users with a variety of benefits not experienced in competitor products. Since the system operates in real-time, GPS speed alerts are found to be more accurate and accessible. Users of the RAV Track AVL system also can receive GPS speed alerts, participate in the speed monitoring process, and participate in the remote speed tracking process anytime or anywhere. With its unique radio frequency technology, the RAV Track AVL system will function in rural areas and areas that rarely receive a strong digital signal.