M9 frontRV-M9-U – Rugged GPS Tracker with Ethernet Port

The M9 data transceiver is a rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant ½ – 5 watt UHF data radio mode. Interface options include Ethernet, dual serial ports and USB. It has an optional GPS for use in AVL and asset tracking applications. Other options include tilt-sensor, EAS encryption, and 25 watt power amplifier.

Long-Range Operation
Operating in the UHF 450-470MHz frequency band, the RV-M9 radio modem works over 50 miles point-to-point and many miles with omni-directional antennas.   All RV-M9 modems support store-and-forward repeating for wide-area coverage.   The optional 25 watt RF amplifier can increase the communication range another 2-4 times.

Rugged and Weather Proof
The RV-M9 is built to MIL810G standards, and is fully submersible for an hour at 1 meter.   The M9 will work in the harshest of physical and RF environments.

High-Performance RF
The M9 has enhanced RF performance, exceeding the RF performance of virtually every radio modem in its class.  Its 3mS PLL makes it fast, and its receiver has an exceptional dynamic range and selectivity.   The GFSK transmitter can operate up to 5 watts output, and 25 watts with the optional RF power amplifier.

High Speed and High Efficiency
The  RV-M9  operates with user-selectable data rates of 1200 to 2400bps and draws less than 90mA when receiving.

GPS Option
The optional internal GPS using a 12-Channel Trimble Copernicus II Chip allows the RV-M9 to be a powerful Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) system or Time Space Position Information (TSPI) reporting device.

Fully Programmable
The M9 is configured using industry-standard AT commands. It has an Ethernet port for simultaneous data communications using TCP/Ip sockets, and configuration via Telnet.  Raveon also provides a PC program called “Radio Manager” that makes configuring the M9 a snap.

OTA Configuration
The ID of a particular transponder and certain system parameters such as report rate may be configured Over-The-Air, without having to physically connect to the unit.

Real-time diagnostics and statistics
Channel performance, RSSI, RF power, packet counters, and radio configuration are easily accessed via telnet, or remotely over-the-air.

Low Power Consumption
The advanced UHF transceiver is integrated with a powerful 32-bit microprocessor-based modem in one easy-to mount package. It has very low power consumption, and sleep modes that allow it to be active and consume almost no power at all.

Flexible Over-The-Air Addressing and Error Correction
The RV-M9 uses a 16 bit address with a 16 bit network mask, allowing for many devices to be co-located without receiving each other, as well as the creation of sophisticated network topologies.

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