M8S OEM Data Radio Modem

RF Transceiver Kits (UHF/VHF) The RV-M8S data radio modem is designed for embedded OEM applications where long-range data communications is necessary. It is available in UHF frequency bands and the 216-220MHz frequency band. It communicates with, and has the features as, Raveon’s M7 series of data radio modems, at a smaller size and better efficiency. Its small size, lower power consumption, 2 watts of RF output, and versatile digital interface makes it easy to integrate into your product. It has user-selectable protocols, either packet data or  POCSAG paging data reception. With fast over-the-air data rates and fast transmit-to-receive switching, Raveon’s M8 data radio transceiver works exceptionally well in telemetry system, polled metering systems, and anywhere when fast response time is required.  Included in each unit is advanced networking, error correction, and local and remote diagnostics.  And because it is built using rugged “single-board” construction, it is extremely rugged – and cost effective. With prices for radio transceivers starting below $250, in OEM quantities, the M8S is the most versatile and economical embedded data radio available. The M8S has some of the fastest over-the-air data rates, fastest TX-RX switching times, and power-on times. It is one of the smallest data radios in its class. And its price will pleasantly surprise you. This is an OEM data radio modem. Raveon has incorporated many many advanced features and functions in this product, and use of it and the intellectual property contained within the product is restricted to certain applications. This product may not be used for communicating with medical devices, controlling irrigation equipment with paging protocols, or tactical military applications. Buyers of this product must agree to the RV-M8x Data Radio OEM Module Terms and Conditions of Sale.   This module is targeted for low-power, solar, and battery-powered applications. Exceptional DC power savings is accomplished by: A. Advanced CPU. Using the latest CORTEX micro-processor, it uses half the DC power as the CPU in our M7 used while running twice as fast. And has twice the memory. This is one powerful little radio modem. B. Digital I/O. The power-hungry RS232 I/O driver has been eliminated. The input and output voltage levels are 3.3V logic, as well as the serial I/O. This saves power and cost. USB I/O is also available.   C. Switching Regulators. Raveon designed custom DC/DC converters with low RF energy for this product. We used double shields, many ferrite beads, and a 3X the required filter capacitors to make sure the power is clean, and the efficiency is excellent.   D. Integrated Modem. Raveon data radio products use software-based modems, so there is no external modem IC chip drawing additional power.