Raveon Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has come a long way in recent years, and it has become more of a necessity to connect businesses together internally, and with the rest of the world. Raveon has many ways to help keep you interconnected. With Point to point, point to multi-point or even mesh networks, we can help get your company connected to the internet of things.

Auto Dealers

Tracking and identifying where each car is on a car lot can become a challenge, especially when dealing with a multi lot dealership. Setting up an inventory system that actively follows every car across every lot and even during test drives is one of the many reasons we developed the D50 (LoRa) and Z50 (cellular) solutions. Contact us to Discuss your Wireless communication and tracking needs today.

Golf Cart Tracking

Golf cart ownership can get complicated. Give your course operators a hand with real-time feedback from your fleet. Track location, get alerts for low battery levels and set geofences to protect your cart and course.

Marine and Boating

Fleet management can be a huge obstacle to overcome, and even more so in the open ocean. Raveon has solutions for every aspect of shipping, from tracking the ships in the harbor to avoid collisions, or tracking your crew on out at sea. There are many ways to improve the safety and productivity of your shipping, fishing, military or any other open ocean fleets and stand alone vessels.

Meter Reading

Raveon has been creating systems to monitor meters for gas, electric, water, and many other industries since its founding in 2004. Raveon’s systems can easily monitor thousands to millions of nodes over any size city, state, or even nation. Contact us to Discuss your Wireless communication and tracking needs today.


No matter your operations size, every dig site has its dangers and communications challenges. Setting up a system to monitor each vehicle and every person from one local point, or even an off site location, can drastically help to keep your operations moving forward. Keep in touch with your drivers using our MDT, and track your men on site with our personal tracking devices.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

With in house design, manufacturing and quality control specialists, Raveon is fully equipped to get your product to market. For larger product runs, we work with our factories overseas to maintain the same level of quality we hold our in-house team to. With unmatched Automated Test Equipment (ATE) we’re able to effectively verify every product that we ship.

Positive Train Control (PTC)

PTC is a system used in train operations to stop a train before any sort of a forseeable accident the operator may have missed. These systems are used in stopping train to train collisions, derailment from taking a turn to fast, or going through misaligned tracks. Raveons has multiple GPS tracking solutions perfect for PTC.

Public Safety

Reliability is paramount when it comes to the public safety. Make sure you have the most reliable communications infrastructure possible with Raveon Radios. From tracking to text communications, Raveon provides full end-to-end solutions to ensure your people are informed and safe. Contact us to Discuss your Wireless communication and tracking needs today.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

A smart city is any city utilizing any number of information and communication technologies, such as a Raveon system. Raveon systems can securely connect all of the assets and entities throughout a city, bringing faster response times to emergency vehicles, a safer environment for construction workers, and many other possibilities. Contact us to connect your city.

Military Training

Raveon has developed tracking systems for military training operations with installations in multiple bases around the U.S. for safety. These trackers are built for use in the military and their design shows it, being extremely rugged, waterproof, and with multiple features to ensure the safety of Americas armed forces.