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Firefighter GPS Devices

Raveon manufactures a line of GPS devices to protect the lives and safety of peple in remote and dangerous areas. Firefighters have a very difficult and dangerous job, and deserve the best communication possible. Voice communications is often a huge challenge in wild-fire fighting, and Raveon’s Atlas GPS transponder can provide an additional level of safety and security to the brave men and women who respond to the challenge of wild-fire fighting.

Here is an article about why not to rely soley on a two-way voice radio for safety and GPS tracking.
<Why Use GPS Trackers>

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personal GPS tracking radio

Atlas PT

The Atlas PT is a military grade personal GPS transponder that provides command and control with immediate situantional awareness of firefighter’s movement while adding additional security and safety through an emergency-distress button.

Using the internal position sensor, position transmissions and man-down alerts may be triggered by position, motion, impact or lack-of motion.

The ATLAS PT is completely self-contained and portable.  Meant to be worn by personnel in a variety of activities, it weighs just 16 ounces even with the built-in rechargeable batteries.  Simple to operate, just “turn it on and go”.  Furthermore, the ATLAS PT has some of the lowest power-consumption in the industry.  If configured for fast 10-second updates, it will still run 24 hours on its internal battery pack. The transponder features flexible reporting options, while a remote controlled sleep mode allows it to be active and consume almost no power at all.

An optional external battery pack allows oprating times of more than 45 days (at GPS report rates of 15 Minutes).

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Remote Alert Wireless Command Center (RAWC).

RAWC is portable base-station that accommodates a laptop computer running RavTrack PC tracking software or alternative tracking solutions to create a lightweight, Easily carried on-site to track personnel in remote areas, or setup at a command and control center. Remote Alert Wireless Command Center (RAWC). Together with Raveon’s personnel tracker ATLAS PT and M7-GX GPS tracking radios  creates a powerful independent tracking system that any emergency response unit should have available for disaster prepardness and/or when access to other wireless systems is not available.

The RAWC communication subsystem is a portable base station in a transit case configured to be rapidly deployed from a vehicle. It has a VHF or UHF radio modem integrated inside the case which connects to a computer via included USB cable (running serial protocol). The unit also has a backup battery for temporary mobile use. The RF signals (GPS and VHF) are cabled to connectors on the outside of the case to provide the option of hooking up external components to the system.

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