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DD1494 Data Radios

The DD1494 form is submitted in stages that coincide with the phases of the DoD acquisition process. RF performance and RF spectrum information are put into the DD form 1494 so the government can allocate frequencies for a radio. Raveon’s Data Radio modems are used on many different frequencies that were setup using DD1494 forms. […]

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Serial Data Communications Electronic communications is all about interlinking circuits (processors or other integrated circuits) to create a symbiotic system. For those individual circuits to swap information, they must share a common standard communication protocol. Many communication protocols have been designed to achieve data exchange. The most common serial communication protocols are RS232, RS485, RS422, […]

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Pro2 Master Module Communications

Pro2 Master Module Communications with wireless data modems and long-range RF

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The LoRa Protocol

Overview LoRa is short for “Long Range”.  LoRa modulation scheme is a modulation technique combined with a data encoding technique that gives a broad-band spread-spectrum radio the receive sensitivity of a very narrow-band long range radio. Many people are not looking into what is LoRa, and this document describes LoRa and the advantages the LoRa […]

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